Winter Overnight Training

IMSARU members went to the Sunset Mountain area in Boise County to train for a snow mission requiring them to spend a night out. Training this year took on added significance, as a mission in January had five of SnowTraining15our members overnighting in the snow with a subject. For this outing we had dry and warm weather. This recent warm weather pattern comes with the downside of providing a dwindling snowpack, leaving just enough snow at elevations around 7,000 feet for our group to work with. Shelters included tents, simple trenches, a quinzee hut, and a trench with snow roof. A cool, starry night meant varying levels of sleep, followed by return hike to the vehicles Sunday morning. While we don’t frequently need to overnight in the field on winter missions, our recent history dictates that it is a good idea to train for such an event. Members attending this outing now have a better idea of gear and tactics needed to get themselves and a subject through a winter night out when extraction needs to wait for daylight.

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