Technical Rescue

Tech Team

Who We Are:

IMSARU’s “Tech Team” is composed of members that are qualified to use rope systems to perform rescues in steep and high angle terrain.

What We Do:

Members of the technical team are responsible for mission calls that require the use of ropes. The team members train regularly with setting up varied rope systems that our area may require with regard to rescue and recovery missions. This could be rigging safety ropes for dangerous terrain such as cliffs, waterways, high or steep angle slopes, or winter rescues where snow anchors are required.   The tech team uses specialty knots, rope specific devices, and tools to maximize the efficiency of the rope systems. Tech team members become proficient on all areas of the systems that are set up so that when a mission calls for the tech team, members that are able to respond are trained to fill in where needed.



























The Tech Team has a training system that volunteers must complete to be able to participate in rope rescue missions. There are two Tech Team ranks that are utilized on missions, the Rescue Technician and the Rescue Specialist. Each ranking has specific requirements that must be met in order to perform certain tasks on an actual mission. This includes training and experience on missions.


To ensure that the mission utilizing rigging skills runs smoothly and safely, there are specific operating guidelines that are practiced and adhered to. This includes leadership structure, operation safety, handling equipment, and system construction.


Our meetings are held the first Monday of each month with field trainings to follow. We train at the compound or at specified areas in the field that allows for rigging up various rope systems.